Registered Devon Cattle

Old 300 Farm maintains a herd of registered Devon cattle. This is an old-world breed that is known for quality of genetics, meat quality & taste, health and efficiency. Our herd is composed of Taupwe, Lakota, and Williamsburg bloodlines (to name a few).

Docile Temperament – Easy to manage


Devons are the puppy dogs of the cattle world. They’re a very docile and friendly breed and are very attentive mothers to their calves and any other calves in their herd. The Matriarch of our herd is named “Sweet Tea”. and our Devon bull named “Godfather” is nothing more than a big baby. Each cow in our herd has their own unique personality that we are privledged to be acquainted with.

High Quality Meat

Grass-fed beef is widely considered less flavorful as compared to corn or grain-fed beef.  However, the Devon breed thrives efficiently on grass and produces extremely tender, flavorful, and well-marbled meat. Devons are not bred for factory farming. They do not thrive on grain or corn based feeding programs, whereas many modern cattle breeds have been conditioned to subsist on these diets.

High Quality Milk 

Despite the small size of their udders as compared to the common Holstein milker, Devon cows produce some of the highest quality milk of any breed. Our milking Devons retain the coveted A2/A2 gene markers that produce highly digestible milk, thereby avoiding the common dairy intolerances many people experience.

Efficient Grass Feeders (Never fed hay or grain)

Cattle Size & Finishing

Devons are smaller in size compared to most other modern beef cattle breeds.  Some even refer to them a s a miniature breed. This is a great benefit for our farm since larger animals require more food to sustain their large body frame. This means that Devons can reach slaughter weight earlier and will less food/grazing input. Our milking Devons also sustain their body an milk production with less food than a factory dairy cow.  . Over all, this breed turns grass in to body mass very efficiently which makes Devons the perfect sustainable cow.

Calving & Disease

The greatest concerns for cattle ranchers is disease and birthing difficulties. Thankfully Devons are well known for the great resistance to disease and experience ease when giving birth. Calves enter the world healthy and gain strong antibodies from their mothers milk to help them fight against diseases. Their beautiful ruby-red hides are among the thickest in the cattle world, making them further resistant to pests that perpetuate pasture diseases. Thanks to the heartiness of Devon cattle we do not have to vaccinate nor use medications such as antibiotics on our animals.

5-Month old bull calf