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Buying A Puppy


What to Expect??

  • Puppies are exposed to cats, chickens, guineas, ducks, peacocks, cattle, pigs, sheep & goats. Puppies receive training on livestock bonding, food aggression, livestock migration, and predator identification. **Includes State Mandated Vaccinations and Deworming.
  • If you submit a puppy application, you will be contacted within a day or two . We often have puppies available so we can likely fulfill your livestock guardian needs once you’ve summitted your application.  You will automatically be removed from our waitlist if we do not receive any response from you.
  • Once puppies are 1-2 week old, we will begin accepting deposits in the order you are registered on our waitlist. At that time, you can select the sex of your pup(s). (REMEMBER: All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. We do not offer refunds.)
  • Once puppies are born, we begin posting weekly videos of the pups on our YouTube Channel. We recommend watching these videos to follow the progress of the pups and to see a glimpse of their blossoming personalities. Old300Farm YouTube channel:
  • At 4 weeks old puppies will receive an identification color. This color will be painted on the puppy’s fur so you can tell the pups apart from one another in our weekly puppy videos.
  • Once puppies reach 10 weeks old the puppy selection process will begin. Each person will be contacted in the order we received their deposit to give you the opportunity to choose precisely which pup is yours.
  • Once puppies have been vaccinated at 12 weeks old, your puppy is ready to come home with you!


Current or Upcoming Litters


Ladybird’s Puppies 
Birthdate: November 8th 2022
Sex:  5 Girls & 4 Boys
Mother: Ladybird (Pure-bred Maremma)
Father: Rye (Pure-bred Maremma)


Marigold’s Puppies 
Birthdate: November 20th 2022
Sex:  3 Girls & 5 Boys
Mother: Marigold (Pure-bred Maremma)
Father: Duke (Pure-bred Great Pyrenees)

Apply for a Puppy

Submit the questionnaire below to apply for a puppy. There are no right or wrong answers! This questionnaire simply helps us consult with you on which pup(s) may best suit your needs. With the number of breeding females on our team, puppies are available quite often.
**Please refrain from submitting your puppy application until you are ready for a pup.


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