O3F Grass-Finished Devon Beef


1/8 Share (30lbs cut & packaged beef)$390 ($100 deposit)
1/4 Share (60lbs of cut & packaged beef)$780 ($200 deposit)
1/2 Share (120lbs cut & packaged beef)$1560 ($400 deposit)
Whole Share (240lbs cut & packaged beef)$3120 ($800 Deposit)

**No extra processing fees
**Free Delivery up to 100 miles
**Texas State inspected slaughtered

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O3F grass-finished Devon beef is exceptionally tender and exhibits a flavor profile which is aromatic, nutty, with hints of blue cheese.  The flavor of our beef is often compared to dry aged beef.  Once you’ve experienced O3F beef, everything else will seem bland, boring and tasteless. Devon cattle are a smaller breed which is why our beef shares are smaller in size, but you are still paying the same market price per pound. Devon cattle produce the most gourmet tender beef on a grass only diet.

O3F 100% Grass-fed, Grass-Finished Beef

Never fed grain, corn, or hay treated with fertilizers or herbicides

All meat we sell was born and raised on our farm. Our beef comes from a 100% pure-bred registered Devon cattle herd. Devon cattle produce the most tender beef on the market, even when compared to grain-fed beef.  Our cows are never fed grain, corn, or hay sprayed with herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Our pasture provide 100% of the diet our cows consume. Our pastures consist of a variety of grasses, forbs, and legumes so our animals are not relegated to grazing a monoculture. The result is a healthy nutrient rich animal that will nourish your family. None of our animals receive antibiotics or growth hormone implants. Everything we do is 100% the way mother nature intended it.

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