White Dorper Sheep

Our flock of commercial White Dorper sheep have been carefully bred from registered Rams to produce a lineage of highly palatable meat with a very low mutton flavor profile. While the White Dorper breed is the basis for our flock we incorporate St. Croix and Katahdin to improve the quality of our product. Our sheep are muscular, and highly resistant to disease and parasites. Our White Dorpers are 100% organic grass fed right here on our farm. In the hot Texas climate this breed of sheep thrives due to its ability to shed its hair seasonally.

Breeding Rams

Each year we select a handful of our best looking ram lambs to grow out as potential future breeding stock. Occasionally we retain a ram for ourselves, but for the most part we sell these rams to provide other flocks the opportunity to experience our flock genetics. Rams who reach at least 1 year old without any medical intervention for infections and/or parasites will make the cut in the end. We are serious about managing our flock for hearty, healthy sheep who are low maintenance, shed well, have excellent body structure, good muscling, and easy birthing.