Houston Local – Organic Farm Fresh Food

At Old 300 Farm you can easily find a range of fresh food for your family. We go above and beyond to produce healthy organic fruits, vegetables, and meat products for our customers. We treat our animals and soil with the utmost respect and care by maintaining a peaceful, fertile, and self-sustaining native ecosystem.

Registered Devon Cattle

Old 300 Farm maintains a herd of registered Devon cattle. This is an old-world breed that is known for quality of genetics, meat quality/flavor, health and efficiency. Our herd is composed of Taupwe, Lakota, and Williamsburg bloodlines (to name a few). High Quality Meat Grass-fed beef is widely considered less flavorful as compared to corn …

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Buying A Puppy

  What to Expect?? Puppies are exposed to cats, chickens, guineas, ducks, peacocks, cattle, pigs, sheep & goats. Puppies receive training on livestock bonding, food aggression, livestock migration, and predator identification. **Includes State Mandated Vaccinations and Deworming. If you submit a puppy application, you will be contacted within a day or two . We often …

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Projects on the Farm

Old 300 Farm has a laundry list of projects in progress. Our list gets bigger everyday as we come up with new ideas to improve the fertility and efficiency of our pastures and farmland. We are excited to share our progress with the public in hopes it will inspire others who areĀ  fertile farmland. Below …

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White Dorper Sheep

Our flock of commercial White Dorper sheep have been carefully bred from registered Rams to produce a lineage of highly palatable meat with a very low mutton flavor profile. While the White Dorper breed is the basis for our flock we incorporate St. Croix and Katahdin to improve the quality of our product. Our sheep …

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