Organic Farm Fresh Food & Livestock

At Old 300 Farm we go beyond organic standards to ensure our livestock bring healthy gourmet farm raised meat to your family’s table. Our knowledge in animal and pasture ecology is the driving force behind the gourmet meats we produce.

100% Farm raised grass-fed/grass-finished beef & lamb

Purchase Grass Finished Meat

The majority of Grass-Fed or Grass-Finished meat is fed grain! O3F beef and lamb is 100% grass-fed/grass-finished meat, born and raise in our pastures. No grain, corn, no herbicides/fertilizers, no antibiotics or growth hormone implants either. Visit us to see where your meat comes from! We Serve Healthy Nutrient Rich Meat

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Buying A Puppy

What to Expect?? Puppies are exposed to cats, chickens, guineas, ducks, peacocks, cattle, pigs, sheep & goats. Puppies receive training on livestock bonding, food aggression, livestock migration, and predator identification. **Includes State Mandated Vaccinations and Deworming. If you submit a puppy application, you will be contacted within a day or two . We often have …

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Registered Devon Cattle

Old 300 Farm maintains a herd of registered Devon cattle. This is an old-world breed that is known for quality of genetics, meat tenderness and flavor, health and efficiency, and docile temperaments. Our herd is composed of Taupwe, Lakota, and Williamsburg bloodlines (to name a few).   High Quality Meat & Milk The Devon breed …

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O3F Composite Sheep

Our flock of sheep has been carefully bred from 4 different registered breeds to develop a composite O3F breed exclusive to our farm. Our sheep are muscular, highly resistant to disease and selected for the O3F signature lamb flavor that can only be described as buttery, sweet and mild. Our sheep are 100% grass-fed and …

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