O3F Grass-Finished Lamb

**No extra processing fees
**Free Delivery up to 100 miles
**Texas State inspected slaughtered
**HW = Hanging Weight (weight before butcher)
**BW = Butchered Weight (weight of meat after butcher)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

O3F grass finished lamb is exceptionally tender and exhibits a flavor profile which is sweet delicate and buttery. The flavor of our lamb does not exhibit intense mutton aromas and is often described as lamb like you’ve never tasted before. Once you’ve experienced O3F lamb, everything else will seem gamey and musky. Our sheep are an exclusive breed to our farm which has been selected for good muscling and the signature flavor profile we produce.

100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished Lamb

Never fed grain, corn, or hay treated with fertilizers or herbicides

All meat we sell was born and raised on our farm. Our lamb comes from a composite breed we developed right here on our farm to produce large meaty carcasses with a sweet and mild flavor.  Our sheep are never fed grain, corn, or hay sprayed with herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Our pasture provide 100% of the diet our sheep consume. Our pastures consist of a variety of grasses, forbs, and legumes so our animals are not relegated to grazing a monoculture. The result is a healthy nutrient rich animal that will nourish your family. None of our animals receive antibiotics or growth hormone implants. Everything we do is 100% the way mother nature intended it.

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