O3F Taste Boxes


Includes 10lbs of packaged assorted cuts and 1 dozen farm fresh eggs.
Beef Boxes Cuts: 1 roast, 2-3 soup bones, 2-3 Fancy steaks (i.e. ribeye, filet, NY strip),2-3 Round Steaks or Sirloin Steak, and 3-4 packages of ground
Lamb Box Cuts: 2-3 Shoulder steaks, 1 package of lamb chops (4 chops total), 1 roast or shanks, 3-4 packages of ground,

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Product Description

100% Grass-fed, Grass-Finished Beef

Never fed grain, corn, or hay treated with fertilizers or herbicides

All meat we sell was born and raised on our farm. Our beef comes from a 100% pure-bred registered Devon cattle herd. Devon cattle produce the most tender beef on the market, even when compared to grain-fed beef.  Our cows are never fed grain, corn, or hay sprayed with herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Our pasture provide 100% of the diet our cows consume. Our pastures consist of a variety of grasses, forbs, and legumes so our animals are not relegated to grazing a monoculture. The result is a healthy nutrient rich animal that will nourish your family. None of our animals receive antibiotics or growth hormone implants. Everything we do is 100% the way mother nature intended it.

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