Pastured Chickens

We raise pasture chickens, both for egg and meat consumption. Our flocks are rotated through our pastures in succession with our other livestock. We have 3 different flocks of chickens: Layers, meat birds, and brooders. We also have a small mixed gang of yards birds who serve as a natural defense against ticks, fleas, and chiggers.

Egg Layers

Old 300 Farm employs a flock of Buff Orpington and Maran hens for egg production. These ladies are prolific layers with great forgaing skills. The foraging ability of a chicken vastly improves the nutritional health of the bird and the nutritional content of the egg she produces.  We are always excited to show off the beauty of our eggs both inside and out. When compared to store bought organic eggs, the difference is unmistakable.

Old 300 Farm egg vs. Store bought organic eggs. The difference is striking!



Meat Birds

Our choice of meat bird is the Delaware chicken. This is an old heritage breed that is considered endangered due to its lack of use in modern farming. This bird was once the most common breed of chicken on American farms. It was coveted for its docile nature, quick growth, meaty body frame and egg laying abilities. Since the dawn of factory farming, this heritage breed fell by the wayside and has since been forgotten. We are intent to bring back the long lost Delaware chicken for the survival of its breed and for your family to enjoy at the dinner table.