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LGD Rehab

The LGD rehabilitation program here at Old 300 Farm rehabilitates adult livestock guardians dogs to give them a second chance to fulfill their destiny as a livestock guardian. These dogs are not easily converted to pets so their only chance at life is to through guarding livestock, and they love doing it! Sadly many livestock guardians find themselves abandoned due unrealistic expectations and lack of guidance from inexperienced owners. Dogs admitted to our program go through a rigorous health recovery program and receive extensive livestock and boundary training with us and our resident pack of guardian dogs.  Once dogs have graduated from our program, we place them in agricultural homes. Our rehab dogs are some of our best performing dogs, but these dogs and are not usually recommended for small properties or inexperienced owners. We typically rehome rehab-guardians for large agricultural operations where they can perform at their best with experienced livestock guardian owners. For smaller homesteads, mid-sized operations, and inexperienced LGD owners, purchasing a puppy from our breeding program is the best path to success. To acquire a rehab LGD please contact Lana